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Many people around the world are unhappy about their weight and that is the key word “unhappy”. Many of my clients say that they wish they could lose weight, choose to lose weight, try to lose weight but cannot. This is easy to write of as a lack of will power or determination. This is not the case.
We all have the will power and determination inside us to reach our goals, including weight loss. The main reason people struggle with weight loss is due to their emotions. How many times have we heard the phrase “comfort eating”? If emotions are involved then the logical rational conscious mind will always lose the fight with the overpowering feelings and emotions that come from our unconscious minds.
Quite often, inappropriate eating habits are born from a desire to fill an emotional “hole” and it is small wonder that this is not successful. As time progresses, an inability to control your weight will naturally lead to lower self-esteem or a lower opinion of yourself. We all feel that way when we set a goal that we are unable to reach. You may not even be consciously aware of the emotions that you have been using food to nourish but the problem lies with your emotions not your will power.
When you discover the essence of the emotions that needs to be addressed, and are able to find healthy ways of dealing with them, you will find it easier to make healthy choices moving forward.
With advanced NLP , Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy I can help you to uncover these feeling and emotions and we can come up with new ways of dealing with these. When this has been established you will find a new freedom and your eating habits will become easy to maintain in any way that you wish.
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