Addictive Or Self-Destructive Behaviours

Addictive or Self-Destructive Behaviours Woking

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Addictive or Self-Destructive Behaviours can often take control and make people feel powerless over them. Addictive or Self-Destructive Behaviours are actually a choices that we have made that we can simply un-make. Although it is simple to do, that does not make it easy. Often people are so involved with Addictive or Self-Destructive Behaviours that they can see no way out or feel trapped. Put simply, these behaviours are decisions that we have made, at an unconscious level, to escape from our everyday feelings. We either want to feel less so we numb the pain or we want to feel more. In any event, these behaviours are essentially not feeling comfortable with being yourself.
The root cause of addictive or self-destructive behaviours can be very complicated and, quite often, links back to childhood. At some point, a decision was made that we either didn’t like the feeling of being ourselves, that we couldn’t be satisfied with who we are or that the pain we are feeling needs to somehow be taken away. Sometimes life may have been too difficult or frightening to face, so we needed some help. It is only natural to seek some way out of pain and discomfort.
The way forward and out of these destructive behavioural cycles is to make you comfortable again with just being who you are and living in the world as it is. This may not be easy as these behaviours may have become integral in the way you live your life but it is possible. There is a way out. Call 01483 541327 for more information or to book a free consultation.
With advanced NLP , Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy I can assist you in finding the root cause in these behavioural cycles and coming to terms with it. No matter what the root cause, it is possible to come to terms with it. This does not mean that you have to like it. There may be a lot of forgiveness needed, of yourself or of others or both, but it is possible. Once you have dealt with and accepted these events you can then make a decision to free yourself from these destructive behavioural patterns and choices. With this new found freedom, you can go out and enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed. After all, the main person that you were hurting was yourself. I can help you to reach a place where you can enjoy being you without anything to support you.
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