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From fear to freedom

Time Line Therapy® is one of the most effective therapeutic methods derived from hypnosis and NLP. Developed by Dr Tad James, time line therapy focuses on removing negative emotions and altering potentially harmful memories from the past. Everyone has a time line and, among other things, this is where we store all of our past memories. Using TLT, there is much that can be done to assist a person in getting rid of painful emotions and limiting beliefs or decisions. TLT is an effective and non-invasive method for clearing negative Gestalts (chains of emotions) rather than focusing on each event at a time.
NTime Line Therapy® focuses on creating conscious and unconscious integration; it involves the client being in a light trance state. It also emphasises the need to preserve any learning from these events so that the unconscious mind can let go more easily, knowing that it has learnt from the past, and that these learnings are enough to protect it from further harm in the future. One of the prime directives of the unconscious mind is to protect and this is sometimes taken out of proportion causing us to feel some emotions more intensely than others. Once it has found a simpler way of protection, through the use of Time Line Therapy®, it can then find a much easier resolution enabling a future not tied down by the past.
    One of possibly the most important aspects of Time Line Therapy® is the Creating Your Future process. This uses TLT to enhance our vivid imaginations and to create specific goals that we want in life. By installing them into our future timelines, again in only a light trance, we are giving clear instructions to our unconscious mind to create these for us. When our goals are aligned and our unconscious knows the direction that our conscious mind wishes to go, it enables us to achieve our goals much more easily and consistently.
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