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Put very simply, NLP is the study of the language of the mind and it teaches us two core concepts. How to communicate with our subconscious or unconscious brain and how to use that communication effectively to improve our quality of life. This is where conscious-unconscious mind integration allows us to create a better future for ourselves and others. These are some of the core concepts:
  • Everyone has a unique model of the world – This means that every individual on the planet is special unique and magnificent. We all process things differently and it is our perception inside that counts and determines our reality; not what happens externally. This means that when I help people to remove unwanted fear/anxiety/phobias, what that person has changed is not the world around them but the world on the inside. In this way a small change on the inside can have massive results on the way they perceive the outside world.
  • People are not their thoughts or behaviours – Put simply, if you or someone around you are having thoughts or exhibiting behaviours that are causing any difficulty they are just that – thoughts or behaviours. Since we can change any unwanted thoughts or behaviour it is empowering to know that we can get rid of those thoughts and behaviours that do not serve us well and nourish those that do. This means that, if it is possible in the world, it is also possible for you.
  • All behaviours have a highest positive intention – This is very important. At an unconscious level all behaviour has a positive intention. That’s right – all! This means that no matter how badly behaviours manifest themselves in us, when working with the unconscious mind we can discover the highest intention and communicate ways of behaving that will get the desired intention, without any of the negative consequences or emotions currently being felt.
Neuro-Linguistic programming was created and developed in the 1970s by Drs Richard Bander and John Grinder. They discovered a connection between neurological process, language and behavioural patterns, and that these can be changed to enable us to change the manner in which we think and, therefore, our experience of the world.
By initially modelling three therapists who were seen to be exceptionally skilled: Fritz Perls , Virginia Satir, and Milton Erikson they uncovered which unconscious mental processes control a host of positive human abilities and resources. They all found a method whereby these techniques could be taught to anyone without the person needing to have an inert natural talent in these areas. This effectively gave us the building blocks of NLP and how we can change our minds own language to create the things that we desire.
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