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Hypnotherapy is probably the gentlest, quickest and most effective form of transformational change therapy available. It is also an extremely pleasant process and leaves clients feeling calmer, more balanced and much more relaxed. For centuries, it has been said that hypnotherapy was a form of magic and, although it is firmly grounded in scientific evidence in modern society, I personally still see it as a magical process.
It is important to realise that while in a hypnotic trance state, you are still in total control of your actions. While hypnotherapy engages the unconscious mind and makes it more open to positive suggestion, it is not possible to be influenced to do anything that goes against your values or belief structure. As a hypnotherapist, I only act as a guide. It is you and your unconscious mind that do the work and control the outcome.
Using hypnotic techniques, we can go back into the past and clear away any negative emotions that may present themselves in your daily life today. We can get rid of anger, fear, sadness and a myriad of negative emotions, empowering you to have more choices moving forward and being able to react appropriately and positively in your daily life. We can also greatly improve confidence and self-esteem, making your new life the life that you want to be living, without the baggage of the past to weigh you down.
The most important thing is that you want to create positive changes and that you can imagine what life would be like without the problem or problems that you currently have.
If you feel like you want to make lasting changes, get in touch today
– it would be my pleasure to help.
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I am based at 30a College Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8BU. I predominately work with clients in Woking, Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Wider Surrey London and the surrounding areas.

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