Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking in Woking

Stopping smoking is a major positive lifestyle choice. Some find it difficult to quit smoking. Often we meet people who have tried to stop and, though they may have had some brief success, they return to their old ways. Hypnotherapy has been used successfully over decades to assist clients in stopping smoking. At New Life Prospects we use NLP, Hypnotherapy and the principles of CBT to help our clients stop, and stay stopped.
How would that feel, to be free of the destructive habit and to be able to walk out into a brand new, healthier life as a non smoker? Our approach uses NLP, Hypnotherapy and the principles of CBT to work with clients at the conscious and sub-conscious level to remove any limiting beliefs that are in your way, while working with your subconscious to create new positive behaviours around a smoke free healthy lifestyle. We can help you quit smoking, and guide you through every step of the way.
We recognise that for some it is easier than for others. That is why our complete stop smoking package comes with a 12 Month Service Support Agreement. Therefore, for the one-off fee of our stop smoking package, we will work with you for on any smoking related issues for a full year if needed. We are confident that you will not need to use this agreement we find that having the agreement there will provide you with all the support, and peace of mind, that you need. However, you may come back every week for a year free of charge if that is what you require.
Please call 01483 541327 for more information.
With my 12 month Service Support Agreement, you can feel safe that you are not taking this on your own. I will support you in every way needed to achieve success and become a non-smoker.
To find out more on how I can help you quit smoking, or just to have a chat call: 
I am based at 30a College Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8BU. I predominately work with clients in Woking, Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Wider Surrey London and the surrounding areas.

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