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While these presenting problems come under the broader umbrella of anxiety they can often be felt most intensely of all. Put succinctly phobias and panic attacks are extreme reactions that are often very disturbing for those who suffer from them.
Anxiety is a normal state in all of us. A state which can be heightened to cause significant problems in some. Panic attacks and Phobias are not a natural state for a human being. This means that they can be addressed separately without the need to encompass our primal fight, flight and freeze response.
Phobias are extreme and often irrational fears of specific objects, places, people or animals. They may also be extreme fear of specific emotions. Although not always, they often derive from childhood and are centred around an event or series of events that led to the extreme phobic response. By examining these events, and reprocessing the beliefs that were developed at the time, we can help dissipate the extreme reaction.
The most common phobias are fear of flying, fear of public speaking, social anxiety and fear of going out in public, fear of blood, fear of needles, fear of death, fear of spiders, fear of mice, fear of the darkness, fear of enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia), fear of open spaces (Agoraphobia). Although these are the most common, many things can create a phobic response within us.
Panic attacks are extremely unpleasant and often combine an overwhelming combination of psychological and physiological symptoms such as nausea, sweating, trembling and occasionally a feeling of not being at home in your own skin. Call 01483 494 988 for more information or to book a free consultation.
At New Life Prospects we using targeted hypnotherapy and Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming to discover the root cause of the problem: and devise a treatment plan that can help alleviate the symptoms.
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