Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is a session?
A: A session is for 1 ½ hours typically although I book two in my diary as there may be a need to work for slightly longer if we are at a crucial point. This isn’t a “time’s up” therapy.
Q: How many sessions should you have?
A: This is very much person specific, everyone changes at their own pace. Some people are able to make massive changes in 2-4 sessions, others may need more. I always suggest a break after 4 sessions as the unconscious mind may desire some processing time.
It is important that you want to change and that you can, at least, imaging that change is possible with hypnosis as no-one can be hypnotized against their will.
Q: Are the effects of hypnotherapy long lasting?
A: Absolutely, yes. Once a change has occurred and the root cause dealt with there is no purpose for the problem to serve. You could imagine the problem as a weed, once the root cause is pulled out the weed no longer exists. I also like to provide my clients with ways with which they can take care of their minds after we have completed the sessions.
Q: How long would my therapy be?
A: It varies on the client. My aim is always to get you to the place you want to be in as little time as possible.
Q: Do I remember anything afterwards?
A: Yes, in almost every case a client would remember some of the session at a conscious level. Your unconscious will become more engaged the deeper in trance you go and your unconscious will remember everything.
Q: Am I gone when I’m in a trance?
A: No, a trance state is naturally occurring in all of us every day to some degree. You are not gone or asleep, you will hear everything in an intensely relaxed state.
Q: Might I say something in trance that I didn’t wish to say?
A: No, your unconscious mind is in complete control. It can choose to answer my questions or not to answer them.
Q: What should I expect from my first session?
A: Initially, we would sit and have a chat about what brought you here and what problems are presenting themselves in your life. I will ask any question necessary which you are free to answer.
I would sit you down in a comfortable armchair and start having you relax. I would start by asking you to imagine certain things to help you relax as I guide you into a gentle, light trance state. At some point, through hypnotic suggestion, we will begin to discuss your problem. In the first session I would only aim for you to reach a light trance and you should not feel much difference from the waking state, which most people find liberating and re-assuring. We would then move deeper into the trance state as quickly as you feel comfortable with.
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I am based at 30a College Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8BU. I predominately work with clients in Woking, Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Wider Surrey London and the surrounding areas.

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