Release from Depression - Hypnotherapy Woking

“The opposite of depression
is not happiness, but vitality”

When we are in a depressed state there may seem to be no way out. We can feel isolated and alone and life can begin to lose meaning and hope. It is often referred to as “The Black Dog/Shrewd” and it can feel that we. We can feel that we are going through the motions and yet not really feel like we are going anywhere. Symptoms of depression range and can include a lack of motivation, a lack of energy, the desire to sleep, not being able to sleep or simply a general outlook on life that seems bleak and pointless. A wise man once said:
It is important to note that there are two types of depression. First is situational depression. Situational depression is a shorter term of depression that may occur after a difficult or traumatic change in the lives we lead. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people will suffer from situational depression at some point in their lives. (you are not alone). The second for of depression is clinical depression. This is the more severe, the symptoms may persist and be the same yet remain well after a situation(s) has passed. Both have one thing in common. We do not have to “live with it”.
At New Life Prospects in Woking, we aim to look at the root cause of depression yet with a predominate focus on progression and a life of freedom from it. Using Hypnotherapy, Advanced NLP and some good old common sense; we are able to deal with the issues that created it while helping develop the skills and resources needed to cultivate contentment and happiness. Not one of us was born depressed so we do not need to stay that way.
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