Blog/Testimonials from Our Clients in Woking

"I worked with Ben in July 2015 and found his style of working to be extremely empowering. Ben makes you take direct responsibility for your own life and therefore meant I always walked away from our discussions, feeling more empowered and more motivated. He made me feel in control of my life and take responsibility. His direct approach combined with his caring disposition makes him an invaluable hypnotherapist. If you would like to finally make a change in your life, Ben will help facilitate this and even more so, you will walk away from your sessions with believing that all the changes that have been made were due to you – extremely empowering! Thank you Ben!"
- Alan, London -

"I worked with Ben to overcome my discomfort of flying. Through storytelling and a lot of laughter, Ben was able to take my discomfort of flying and make it disappear for which I am truly grateful! I would highly recommend Ben as a hypnotherapist to anyone who wants to make a change for the better in their lives.”
- Natalie, London -

"Working with Ben has enabled me to instigate a fresh new start. I arrived at our first meeting feeling really depressed, anxious and with an overwhelming sense of never being good enough. We started by breaking down all of the thoughts that were leading me to feel overwhelmed, anxious and scared. Ben explained that I had learnt negative patterns of thinking and gave me a different perspective on how to look at the world. The most enlightening thing I discovered was that anxiety wasn't a life sentence. Eight months on, I’ve built on the skills I have learnt and I'm experiencing a life that is so much more fulfilling and richer than previously. Thank you again"
- Cecelia, Surrey -

"I was very nervous about going to see Ben about my self-esteem and confidence issues but as soon as I arrived he made me feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable to be there. He took a very different approach to anything I have tried before so I guess it’s no real surprise it was such an empowering experience! We worked through some old sadness issues and old negative beliefs that 'I am not good enough' and by the end of the process they had simply disappeared! I feel like a completely different person and everything changed in such a short time. I could never have imagined that I could feel so different with a renewed, fresh and positive outlook on life. I am so glad I found Ben as I have a completely new lease of life and feel like the world is my oyster! Many, many thanks Ben for helping me get my life back!"
- Fred, Surrey -

"Ben is an intensely charismatic personality who's intuitive understanding of people never fails to impress. As a hypnotherapist he is skilled and versatile, his craft founded upon vast knowledge and intellectual curiosity. His passionate drive for what he does is inspiring, and he is an immensely capable change worker."
- Amu, London -

"I was helped by Ben on two separate matters in my life that clearly needed addressing to and emotional support, I received both accompanied by a smiley face and a shoulder where to cry on that was rock solid. ...A lot of progress was made in both situations in very little time and I generally and genuinely feel so much better about it all....I couldn't have done it without Ben's help...He has been truly amazing, giving professional help in a friendly manner. Thank you"
- Alessia, Surrey -

"Thank you Ben for all your hard work! I went to Ben with a fear a flying. I had a holiday booked in Asia and the flight was 12 hours. With all of Ben’s hard work I managed to get on the flight which I never thought I would be able to do. Ben was always so positive in all of my sessions and filled me with such hope. I have since been on several flights and have used the techniques Ben gave me when necessary. Thank you again " 
- Sabrina, Surrey -

* The above testimonials are the opinions of previous clients and their personal experiences. Results may vary depending from individual to individual.
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